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Socialmedia and customers Through social media , it’s easy to get in touch with customers. Not by sending them every day two or three offers or keep spamming them with irrelevant information. But by stimulating them to their interests . How do you do that?... Lees meer
Customer engagement Customer Engagement is one of the biggest trends that you can observe in recent years in various industries. Within marketing and sales, it’s an element that is increasingly valued. However, you can’t just get engaged customers, y... Lees meer
Delighted Customers and Loyal Customers The NPS has been “overrated”? It’s a snapshot which we use inefficient? Two questions I ask at the growing number of feedback tools in the market. The first time you ask your guest if he is satisfied is not enough. It is a process t... Lees meer
Fire in webcare When do companies start to care for their customer? Not all! But a growing number of big brands start recognizing opportunities in web care luckily. SME's (and still a big number of brands) tend to be more conservative in this field. I can... Lees meer
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