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When do companies start to care for their customer?

Not all! But a growing number of big brands start recognizing opportunities in web care luckily.

SME's (and still a big number of brands) tend to be more conservative in this field. I can't think of one good reason!

Most common reasons are, “it's difficult, time consuming and I (company) can't relate it to direct cash flows…”


Let's rephrase it for you, WEBCARE is Caring for your customer needs. It's about minimizing retention and maximizing customer experience.

In the end I believe, within a couple of years you will not excist offline if you don't care online!

Several toolkits are available for different sizes and different prices pick the one that fits your company and level of expertise and start caring.

Have FUN and GAIN POWER over your own future!

Sincerely Yours,

Robert Willms

+31 (0)6 45 75 47 48

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